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Prostar GPD Series Deep Cycle AGM Battery Catalog

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A deep cycle battery is designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time. And deep cycle battery widely used for solar energy field.

Product Advantage


1,Long Design Life


The use of heavy-duty lead-calcium alloy grids with anticorrosive constrution enablesthe  Prostar Batteries to remain in float service for 10 years.


2,High Energy Density


Prostar has been improved to bring about 15% higher energy density (wh/I , wh/kg) than comparable batteries at long duration discharge helping to design equipments to be smaller, lighter and more cost effective.




NO electrolyte leakage will occur from terminals or case ensuring safe and efficient  operation.




5,Gas Pressure Venting System


6,NO Free Acid


7,NO Equalizing Charge Requited


8,Prostar is equipped with anti-explosion device which improves safety



Product Characteristic


1. Radial grid design, a tight assembly technology with excellent high efficiency discharge performance.

2. Deep cycle battery design, using 4BS lead paste technology, cycle use has long service life.

3. Unique grid alloys, special lead paste formulation and unique positive/negative lead paste formulations design, the battery with excellent deep cycle ability and excellent over-discharge resilience

4. All with high purity raw materials, battery self-discharge is minimal.

5. Using gas compounds technology, the battery has a high sealing reaction efficiency, no mist precipitation, safety and environmental protection, pollution-free.

6. With special design and high reliable sealing technology to ensure the battery sealing, safe, and reliable.


Applied Scope


1. Golf Cars, Wheelchairs& Electric Power Vehicles
2. Power Tools, Lawn Mowers & Vacuum Cleaners
3. Electric Toys & Recreation Equipments
4. Solar & Wind Power Generation Systems
5. Lighting Equipments 

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